Month: June 2020

The Advantages of Curtains Over Blinds

If you are considering renovating your home then you should install something that can cover your windows. For this, you can buy curtains online or blinds. Before you make any decision, you should know that there are many advantages of curtains over blinds. You might think that are curtains expensive in Australia? The answer is no. They are affordable and are available almost everywhere with various designs and styles.

1. Curtains make your room look elegant – Blinds only cover the window and does not give the elegant look like curtains. Curtain potholes come in many styles, from metal poles to poles with wooden finish. There are greater chances that you will get something that will suit the overall looks of your home. When curtains are opened, it creates a border which is not present in blinds. When open, they look fantastic.

2. Curtains and its poles or tracks can be bent to fit – Some vertical blinds can be bent in the shape of the bay window but it will not be able to give the proper effect. In the case of curtains, they give an additional look and style to the window.

3. Curtains provide insulation – Blinds are thin and are unable to offer heat insulation to the room. Curtains can have extra thick material to provide additional heat insulation.

4. Hand, cord or operation – Curtains can be operated by hand and also by a cord or electrically. This can give an extra luxurious feeling. You might have a question on your mind that is curtains expensive in Australia. They are inexpensive.

5. Easy to clean – Blinds have a greater possibility of trapping dust, especially vertical blinds. For people suffering from dust allergies or asthma, curtains are a healthy choice. You can easily clean them …