Month: November 2020

How to Repair Concrete

Cracks on a concrete surface can not only make it look ugly but also increase the risk of other problems caused by seepage of moisture into it. In this situation, it becomes necessary to repair the concrete surface as soon as possible. The process of concrete repair cracks can depend upon the size of the crack. According to engineers, a wider and bigger crack can be repaired by using a concrete patching compound whereas a smaller crack can be repaired with the help of liquid filler like a concrete seal.

The information provided in this write-up will help you to know the reasons for cracking concrete surfaces and ways to repair them.

Reasons for cracking concrete

According to engineers, a concrete surface can crack due to various reasons like:

  • You can see small cracks in the concrete with time if it is not closed correctly.
  • The resistance and toughness of a concrete surface can be ensured by using concrete sealers on it. A concrete surface will be exposed to wear and tears as well as friction and other external features if it is not sealed with a sealant.
  • The bad drainage system can also be one of the reasons for bigger cracks in concrete. Big cracks in the foundation can be due to seepage, settlement of soil, problems caused by high temperatures.
  • Environmental needs and humidity can also cause cracks in the foundation of a building.
  • Uneven lying of flooring of a building can also cause cracks in it

How to repair cracks in concrete?

Experts can repair wide cracks on concrete surfaces by making an undercut on the sides of the crack by using a hammer and chisel to give it the shape of an inverted V by removing loose old concrete and debris from it. You can use …