Month: May 2021

Are bongs legal in Australia?

There exist many offences related to an illicit substance. They do not solely relate to possession but also check on trafficking, making/producing and distributing illegal drugs. If you find yourself in such an offence, serious repercussion and consequences are guaranteed. The legal status of cannabis-related products like bong remains shockingly strict, with its supply and sale being criminalized in the whole country. Owning and possessing a bong is banned in the most Australian jurisdiction. Being in possession of things like bong and pipes is a serious offence.

The primary question that many people may ask is, “is it an offence to have bong?’ yes, it is an offence because you possess an instrument or tool that administers illegal drugs such as bhang. Ideally, a bong is illegal if it has been used for a drug offence. For instance, possessing a bong shop that has been used to smoke bhang is an offence that is chargeable in a court of law. Also, it is an offence to possess things that you intend to use but have a connection with illegal dealings. For example, it is unlawful to possess a pipe that you intend to use in smoking. Conclusively, the prohibition cuts across all items related to illicit substances in any way, be it packaging, transporting, sealing and others.

In Australia, it is a criminal offence based on set policies to sell and supply drug paraphernalia such as bong. Besides, paraphernalia is anything that is used to administrate or consume drugs. For example, in Victoria, the control act or policy terms displaying, selling supplying of the bong and its component as an offence. The law defines a bong as a device utilized in the introduction of cannabis or other related drugs in the user’s body by inhaling smoke/fumes emanating from burning the …