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Australian Trade Union Council

The Australian Trade Union Council (ACTU) is the highest national trade union body in Australia. It was established in 1927 and its main function was to improve the economic and social situation of the workers. seeks to achieve these goals by promoting industrial consensus, protecting workers’ rights, improving productivity and communicating with members, employers, government agencies and other interested organizations involved in industrial relations. His activities include:

I. represents industrial and national labor unions

ACTU represents the interests of trade unions on broader industrial issues, such as employment and productivity in government agencies, employer groups and other stakeholders involved in industrial relations. ACTU also works with employers’ associations to promote good practice at the workplace level.

II. Promoting social and economic justice for jobs in Australia

ACTU lobbies the Australian government to introduce laws that promote social justice and economic growth, such as paid maternity leave, higher supplementary pensions and education reforms. ACTU also has a role to play in promoting understanding of workplace relations issues between unions, government and other stakeholders through publications, research and seminars.

III. Promote union membership at the individual level

ACTU provides information and advice on employment rights described in the award conditions, as well as legal and industrial disputes. It also offers a range of training, education and work programs to help minorities, Native Australians and people with disabilities. ACTU’s self-funded Worker Justice program helps workers with legal, fair jobs and industrial conflicts.

IV. Provide career counseling to people at work

ACTU provides training programs for workplace rights, negotiation skills and leadership for union officials. Provides career guidance through a skills formation unit that participates in training for union leaders.

The Australian Trade Union Council (ACTU) is the highest national body with a number of functions, such as representing trade unions in industrial …

Valles Accountants Review – Are They Worth Hiring?

Accountants play a key role in any organisation. Whether you run a small retail store or a mega-corporation, you need to journalise your transactions efficiently. Any mistake on your end can lead to a disaster. The good news is many accounting firms tender their expertise. The sad part is not all of them are worth considering. You want a service that can live up to your expectations from all angles. That’s where Valles Accountants comes into the picture. Here’s a Valles Accountants review that should help you make a pragmatic decision.


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Many accounting professionals lag in one point or the other. This point holds in the case of amateur accountants. If you hire a novice person, you may end up with errors and blunders in your financial records. However, the situation is different with Valles Accountants. They’ve a team of dependable accountants. Whether you need help with taxation or payroll, you can rely on them for perfect accounting.


Most accounting firms charge a hefty price for their services. You could end up denting your wallet on hiring such a firm. Valles Accountants, however, charge a reasonable sum for their expertise. You can also go for customised pricing. In the end, you enjoy quality services matching needs within your budget.

Valles Accountants review – Verdict

The above review clearly pinpoints the advantages of hiring Valles Accountants. Efficiency, error-free accounting, reliability, and affordability are the premium perks of hiring this popular firm. For these reasons, many businesses choose them. If you want to harness these benefits, hire Valles Accountants …

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Australian Unions

Workers form unions when they get together to fight for a more equitable working environment. When you’re a member of a Australian Unions, you can be assured that someone is looking out for your best interests. Workers are stronger when they band together, which is reflected in unions. Throughout Australia’s history, labor unions have given workers a voice not just in the workplace, but also in society at large.

1791–1900: The Beginnings of Australia’s Union Movement

The brutal eviction of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from their country was the basis for the British invasion and occupation of Australia. The indigenous proprietors fought the British colonialism from the start.

The shipping of convicts to Australia to serve terms of incarceration and to be exploited as forced labor supported early colonial society. If the criminals disobeyed the rules, they were subjected to harsh conditions and harsh punishment.

Hard times, on the other hand, breed rebels. There is mention of convicts going on strike as early as 1791 to demand that their meals be provided weekly. The most significant act of convict resistance occurred in 1804 in New South Wales, when a group of deportees, largely from Ireland, staged an all-out uprising.

These inmates were inspired by the Irish independence movement and plotted an armed rebellion. They congregated at Rouse Hill, which they dubbed Vinegar Hill in honor of one of the most famous battles of the 1798 Irish revolt. The Australian Vinegar Hill insurgents met the same fate as their Irish counterparts: British military strength destroyed them. However, it was evident that colonial authorities could not treat criminals inhumanely without facing retaliation.

In Australia, a legacy of resistance to authority and privilege was formed via indigenous resistance and convict rebellion. In the 1820s, as the economy flourished, …