Australian Trade Union Council


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The Australian Trade Union Council (ACTU) is the highest national trade union body in Australia. It was established in 1927 and its main function was to improve the economic and social situation of the workers. seeks to achieve these goals by promoting industrial consensus, protecting workers’ rights, improving productivity and communicating with members, employers, government agencies and other interested organizations involved in industrial relations. His activities include:

I. represents industrial and national labor unions

ACTU represents the interests of trade unions on broader industrial issues, such as employment and productivity in government agencies, employer groups and other stakeholders involved in industrial relations. ACTU also works with employers’ associations to promote good practice at the workplace level.

II. Promoting social and economic justice for jobs in Australia

ACTU lobbies the Australian government to introduce laws that promote social justice and economic growth, such as paid maternity leave, higher supplementary pensions and education reforms. ACTU also has a role to play in promoting understanding of workplace relations issues between unions, government and other stakeholders through publications, research and seminars.

III. Promote union membership at the individual level

ACTU provides information and advice on employment rights described in the award conditions, as well as legal and industrial disputes. It also offers a range of training, education and work programs to help minorities, Native Australians and people with disabilities. ACTU’s self-funded Worker Justice program helps workers with legal, fair jobs and industrial conflicts.

IV. Provide career counseling to people at work

ACTU provides training programs for workplace rights, negotiation skills and leadership for union officials. Provides career guidance through a skills formation unit that participates in training for union leaders.

The Australian Trade Union Council (ACTU) is the highest national body with a number of functions, such as representing trade unions in industrial and labor matters, promoting social justice for workers and supporting members at the individual level.