Professional Tax Assistance

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If you are challenged by the increased difficulty of preparing your company’s tax return, you are not alone. Tax rules have been changing and becoming more intricate, as the IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) has been using more intense analysis of corporate income tax and GST returns.

Finding an experienced and trustworthy tax service is essential. When you outsource your tax returns and GST filings to a trusted tax professional, you can rest easy and be assured your taxes will be calculated with care. You won’t have to wonder if you are penalised or receive further scrutiny because an experienced tax professional will take the time to study your company records and finance logs thoroughly. They will then be able to tell you precisely what you will owe the IRAS – or, more often, how much you will receive as a refund.

Choosing a tax service should be a one-stop decision. You can find a company with experience with accounting, tax, and corporate secretary matters. Wouldn’t you rest more easily if your monthly financial records and compliance deadlines were no longer on your mind? It could be such a relief to know these concerns were being cared for by a trusted professional.

These tax services can assist start-ups; in ensuring their financial concerns are correctly configured from the beginning. They are also experienced in helping larger companies with whichever tax concerns they may encounter.

These services go beyond the traditional paperwork method and utilise cloud accounting. You can instantly access up-to-date and accurate information about your company’s financials. This information will empower you to make responsible business decisions. The tax professionals who will care for your financial matters are CA’s (Chartered Accountants). CA is the ultimate professional designation proffered by the ISCA (Institute for Singapore Chartered Accountants), so you will be in good hands.