Tactical Edge Australia Review

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Tactical Edge Australia is the country’s top retailer selling Gel Blasters. If you love playing skirmish games using gel blasters and want the best equipment, then you can consider buying from Tactical Edge.

Is this a good company? Are their products good and reliable? To help you find the answers to your questions, we have a detailed review of Tactical Edge. Go through the review before you decide to purchase from them.

Review of Tactical edge

1) Who are they?

Tactical Edge Hobbies is a retail company that has established themselves as the leader in selling Gel Blasters. The company offers a range of Gel Blaster products and related accessories. Gel Blasters are toy guns that can be used for combat sports. The gel bullets used are safe, dissolve on contact, and are eco-friendly.

2) Products offered

The company offers a variety of products like:

  • Pro Line, Sport Line, Novice Line and other Gel Blaster rifles.
  • Submachine gun gel blasters.
  • Pistol gel blasters that include electric pistols, manual pistols, and gas blowback pistols.
  • Sniper rifles, Shotguns, Micro gun, and grenade launchers are available.
  • Gel balls, speedloaders, batteries, chargers, green gas, protective masks, eyewear, gloves, vests, T-shirts, and other essentials are available for sale.
  • Attachments like scopes, lasers, tracers, targets, etc. are available.

3) Review of the company and products

All products can be purchased online. If your total purchase value is more than $80, shipping is free. If you order before noon, you can get same-day delivery. You can also prefer to collect the product yourself from any of 3 locations. The products and accessories are highly rated and have more than 1,000 5-star reviews.

The company offers a loyalty programs. You can get tactical points on purchase of products that you can redeem for rewards. The products come with a warranty. Service is offered at different locations. When you buy Gel Blasters from Tactical Edge, you are assured of quality and best price.

Gel Blasters are safe products that appear realistic. The gel bullets dissolve on impact and are hence safe. They are not painful, and the impact is like being hit by a rubber band. There are no bruises other than a small mark. The gel bullet is non-toxic and are not dangerous even if someone swallows them by mistake. All these make the products safe for use even by children.

Tactical Edge’s gel blasters are popular products safe to use and great for entertainment. The product quality, features, and pricing makes them great products to buy. 

Visit our webpage https://tacticaledge.com.au/ to know more about us.